How do I get involved in Archery Biathlon?

If you are interested in hosting an event or clinic, please contact the webmaster. Members of the 2001 US Team reside across the country and would be happy to help you learn more about putting on an event. The Utah Winter Games and the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival are the two best attended events are have special clinics and races for novices.

Do I have to be an Olympic-caliber athlete?

Absolutely not. Anyone who enjoys combining cardiovascular exercise and the challenge of target archery will love Archery Biathlon. Most newcomers have either basic experience with nordic skiing or extensive experience with archery (mostly hunting).

Where can I practice?

You can practice skiing at any groomed skiing center. Indoor archery ranges can be found in most cities. Both rent equipment for reasonable prices and most have special introductory packages for beginners. Because archery targets are lightweight and portable, you can ask your local touring center about setting up a target in a safe place for practice sessions. You just have to be certain that there is nothing behind the target (i.e. other skiers, building, cars). The locations of most ski touring operations make this easier than it might sound.

Is Archery Biathlon only a winter sport?

The only organized races in the US this year are on snow, however, watch for several summer races in 2002. Instead of skiing, athletes run the course. Summer rifle biathlon has become very popular in the United States.